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Bio-dynamic Farming

At Yalla-y-poora Grove we farm strictly in accordance with the Australian Demeter bio-dynamic farming method. This in conjunction with our terroir is the prime reason we are able to produce our premium EVOO.

The heart of bio-dynamic farming is the soil. In simple terms, we believe that healthy well structured soil naturally gives rise to healthy, fresh & tasty produce. No fertilizers, insecticides or GMO/GEO products are used on our grove.

In order to nurture & improve the soil structure at Yalla-y-poora Grove we spread the Demeter bio-dynamic soil-activator twice a year.  In addition, each year all tree prunings, together with an inter-row crop are mulched using a flail mower and incorporated into the soil using a special plough called a “rehabilitator”. This does not cut the soil like a disk plough but rather breaks open the soil using a series of horizontal chisel point tynes mounted on narrow shanks. Air & the mulched plant material is then incorporated with a pair of spiked rollers. The result is an excellent incorporation of carbon into the soil while at the same time improving the soil structure. 


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