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Biodynamic Research Institute

The Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) is accredited by the Australian Commonwealth Government Organic Program as a recognised Certification Body.

BDRI certifies operators to the National Standard for Organic and Bio Dynamic Produce (the Standard) as well as the rights to use the Demeter trade mark.

The Standard provides a framework for the organic industry covering production, processing, transportation, labelling and importation. Furthermore, the Standard aims to ensure conditions of fair competition in the market place by distinguishing those products produced according to this Standard from those produced by other means. Use of this Standard provides transparency and credibility for the industry and protects the consumer against deception and fraud.


Demeter Biodynamics

For the rights to use the Australian DEMETER Biodynamic trade mark an operator must satisfy the requirements of the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce and show soil structure development and farm management as detailed in the Australian Demeter Biodynamic Method Standard.

Yalla-y-poora Grove, under the management of Christopher Clarke, is accredited as a certified Biodynamic Organization by BDRI. Our certification number is: 0620.

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