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Regenerative Farming

At Yalla-y-poora Grove we practice regenerative farming through the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method of farming.

Regenerative farming is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems. Its primary aim is to increase resilience to climate change and strengthen the health and vitality of farm soil.

Regenerative farming is not a specific practice itself. Rather, proponents of regenerative farming use a variety of sustainable agricultural techniques in combination. Practices include recycling as much farm waste as possible & incorporating composted material into the soil.

As soil health improves crop yields can increase as soils become more resilient to extreme weather events and harbour fewer pests and pathogens.

Most plans to mitigate climate change focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The capture of atmospheric carbon dioxide by growing plants that move that carbon dioxide into the soil, is virtually the only currently functioning technology available for drawing down greenhouse gases that are already in the atmosphere, mostly through the cultivation cultivation and nurturing of forests and permanent perennial pastures and grasslands.



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